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About The Blessed Nuno Society Members

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1.  To promote activities intended to foster the individual sanctification,
      apostolic formation, and spiritual welfare of our members.

2.  To operate and maintain projects and facilities, and to assist programs or
     preemptive projects that provide education, counseling, medical care,
     nutrition, clothing, or shelter for populations of minors who, for the most
     part, live in settings which do not include the presence of natural or
     adoptive parents.​

3.  To promote prayer for orphaned children, an increased devotion to the Blessed Virgin
     Mary, and a greater knowledge and awareness of the life and religious ideals of our
     patron, St. Nuno.

Our Mission Statement

  • Chapter Respect Life Mass (February)

  • Chapter Mass for Members (April)

  • National Mass for deceased members (November)

  • Chapter Mass for our priests, deacons, and religious leaders (July)

  • Directors' Rosary for the orphans and commemorate the 100th Anniversary of apparitions of Mary in Fatima (May 12)

  • Annual Dinner and Membership Meeting (November)

  • Annual Chapter Meetings (August)

  • Chapter pilgrimages (4+ annually)

                                                    MISSION WORK IN MEXICO
2017 Events

Rev. William Skarich, Spiritual Director
Mr. Jim Schroeder, President

Rev. Mr. Fred St. Jean Vice President
Mr. Mike Morrissey, Treasurer

Rev. Joel Hastings, Director
Ms. Laua Stehle, Director

Mr. Rich Sherwood, Director

​Mr. Hank Krzysik, Director

​Mr. Carl Sylvester, Executive Director


Christian Unity so that all Christians be faithful to the Lord's teaching by striving with prayer and charity to meet the challenges facing humanity


The safety and humane treatment of migrants along borders


The comfort of the afflicted so that they, especially the poor, refugees, and marginalized, may find welcome in our communities


The Missions and Missioners throughout the Church


The poor in the Barrios of Agua Prieta, who we serve


The children, nuns, and staff at Our Lady Queen of Angels


The priests, deacons, and religious leaders of the Blessed Nuno Society


All children, that they will never be victims of violence and exploitation


The healing and spiritual wellbeing of C.R.R.E.D.A. #8 residents


Our Christian outlook, that we may show love and compassion to all we encounter


The souls of the deceased members of the Blessed Nuno Society


Mothers, so that they will always protect and cherish their children from the moment of conception

  • Members pray for the orphans.
  • Many members make regular contributions.
  • Some members volunteer their time.
2017 Monthly Prayer Intentions

Director Meetings at 12:00 p.m., Central Time, on Fridays:

Quarterly Meetings for 2017 are: 

January 20, April 21, July 21, September 22.