P.O. Box 3484, Duluth, MN 55803

The Blessed Nuno Society began when a small group of
Americans gathered in Fatima, Portugal in 1985.  
Inspired by a talk given by Father John DeMarchi , the
Americans began to form the Society under the
direction of Bishop Constantino Luna.  The Society was
incorporated in the United States the following year and
is now headquartered in, and affiliated with, the
Diocese of Duluth, Minnesota.

In addition to its Duluth diocesan members, the Society
now has a chapter in the Archdiocese of
St. Paul-Minneapolis, a chapter and mission office in
Tucson, Arizona, a chapter in the Diocese of St. Cloud
and enrolled men and women pledged to prayer from 34
of the United States, as
well as from Europe, Africa, Mexico, Australia, and
Peru. The Society is recognized as a tax-exempt
organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the U.S.
Internal Revenue Code.

The Blessed Nuno Society is a mission society and
prayer apostolate officially recognized by the Catholic
Church as a diocesan Private Association of the
Christian Faithful.  Our primary emphasis has always
been the need for prayer.  

The Society gives funding preference to specific
projects which are unable or unlikely to get sufficient
help from the larger, well known relief organizations.  
Grants are awarded only after one or more member
volunteers visit the site. The Society normally works in
collaboration with local  organizations who know and
understand the local situation.

In the past, the Society has funded projects in Europe,
Central America, Africa, and North America.  Today,
project funding is exclusively focused on three regions:  
Mexico, the Caribbean, and the United States.

The Society has two affiliate organizations,
Blessed Nuno Society de Mexico, headquartered in
Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico and The Royal
Confraternity of the Holy Constable Saint Friar Nuno
of Saint Mary Alvares Pereira, headquartered in
Ourem, Portugal
Our first Spiritual Director, Bishop
Constantino Luna, presenting the plan for
the Blessed Nuno Society to Pope John Paul II
Bishop Constantino Luna, OFM, with some
of  the orphans at our former Guatemala
Shown to the left,
Society Past President
Andy Larson at our
first orphanage
project in Fatima,
Our former Mission Chair, John Larson,
receives the first orphans to arrive at
La Divina Providencia in Agua Prieta,
Sonora, Mexico, in October 1997
"The spiritual hunger in America is the most
serious hunger in the world, because it is the
poverty o f the soul." - Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
"Without you, our kids don't have a prayer"

P. O. Box 3484
Duluth, MN 55803
Loca do Cabeco in Fatima         Rev. John DeMarchi, IMC                                Chev. Timothy Heinan, V.V.        Bishop Constantino Luna, OFM
The Blessed Nuno Society was established on September 1, 1985
at the Loca de Cabeco in Fatima, Portugal at the urging of
Father John DeMarchi, IMC.   Timothy Heinan and Bishop
Constantino Luna were the principal Co-Founders of the
apostolate.  The Society was formally incorporated in the
United States on April 23, 1986 and granted recognition by the
Diocese of Duluth on October 11, 1994.