C.R.R.E.D.A. located in Agua Prieta,Mexico, is a in-patient drug and alcohol rehab center that serves up to 100

people. The residents follow

a 12 step recovery program centered around God and Prayer.They develop skills that will help them in re-entering society and the work force.BNS provides support with food, supplies and hygiene.....

The program serves some

of the poorest people in the Agua Prieta barrio neighborhoods who live in adjunct poverty. Our Society provides food,

hygiene products and other resources as the need


Our Orphanage is located in Agua Prieta, Mexico just across the border from Douglas, AZ. The facility is owned and operated by our sister organization, BNS de Mexico. We can serve up to 54 children. The facility has a Chapel, Classroom, Dining Room,Computer Lab, Nurse  and Psychologist Offices, Playground and recreation


C.R.R.E.D.A. #8
The Blessed Nuno Society, Inc. is a Non-Profit Organization

Saint Nuno was selected as our Patron because of his devotion to Our Lady, his great awareness of the need for prayer, his love of poor children, and his spiritually heroic victory over self and the world.

The Society's work is focused​ on supporting the educational, medical, spiritual, general welfare needs of orphaned children and serving the poor.

Queen of Angels House
Barrio Outreach

Dedicated to a Catholic apostolate and mission society made up of laity, clergy, and religious who have joined together to support the children. The primary purpose of the Society is the individual sanctification of its members.