THE BLESSED NUNO SOCIETY is a Catholic prayer apostolate and mission
society made up of laity, clergy, and religious who have joined together to
form a union of prayer.  The primary purpose of the Society is the individual
sanctification of its members
. The special object of the Society's work is to aid
the educational, medical, spiritual, and general welfare needs of orphaned and
homeless children.
(No Financial Commitment Required)
Our latest project;
Our Lady Queen of Angels House, an
orphanage in
Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico
opened on September 10 with 27 children
Professing a consistent ethic of life, the Society's mission also extends
to those whom our second Episcopal Advisor, Archbishop Roger
Schwietz, in his pastoral letter,
A Call to Charity,referred to as, "the
orphans of the womb"....
those unborn who are in danger of abortion.

Most of the orphans the Society serves have been made orphans either
by acts of social injustice, acts of violence, or acts of
immorality.  These
are spiritual problems which demand a spiritual response.
 For this reason,
the Blessed Nuno Society's primary emphasis is on PRAYER.  
Membership does not require any financial commitment. Like St.
Therese, "The Little Flower", who became the Patroness of Missions
without ever leaving her Carmel, our members trust in the efficacy of

Some members pray for the orphans daily, some weekly.  There is no
set formula, each member prays according to their own devotional

Many members share a portion of the material wealth God has given
them with the children through monthly, quarterly, or annual
contributions. This has made it possible for the Blessed Nuno Society to
provide financial support for various projects to help feed, shelter and
educate orphaned abandoned,homeless, and runaway youth.

Some members give of their time to serve on the Society's Board or
committees or to participate in the Society;s
mission work in Mexico
and the
West Indies

All members are encouraged to contribute their time, talent, and
treasure in whatever ways they can, but the ONLY requirement for
membership is a written commitment to pray.  Membership in the
Blessed Nuno Society can change and improve hundreds of lives,
including your own.  

Why not join today?
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The Blessed Nuno Society, Inc. is a prayer
apostolate and mission society which operates as a
recognized integrated affiliate of the Catholic
Diocese of Duluth.
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The JUST TRADE CENTER has published
an outstanding paperback entitled
COFFEE Caffeine With A Conscience
written by Mark Adams and our member
Tommy Bassett.   This book is an
excellent resource for those wanting to
know more about border issues and how
preemptive projects such as
Cafe Justo  can
help reduce the need for orphanages in
Mexican border communities. To order,
Picture painted of Nuno
during his lifetime.