P.O. BOX 3484
DULUTH, MN 55803

* To promote activities intended to foster the individual
sanctification, apostolic formation, and spiritual welfare of our

* To operate and maintain projects and facilities, and to assist
programs or preemptive projects that provide education,
counseling, medical care, nutrition, clothing, or shelter for
populations of minors who, for the most part, live in settings
which do not include the presence of natural or adoptive parents.

* To promote prayer for orphaned children, an increased devotion
to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and a greater knowledge and
awareness of the life and religious ideals of our patron, Blessed
Nuno of St. Mary.

January:    Those in danger of abortion, "the orphans of the womb"
February:   An End to Human Trafficking, exploitation and slavery
March:      Our members who experience loss, illness, or inner turmoil this year
April:        The physical and spiritual wellbeing of the minors at CRREDA #8
May:          The safety and humane treatment of migrants along our borders
June:         That children may never be victims of violence and exploitation
July:          The priest and deacon members of the Blessed Nuno Society
August:      The youth and staff at Bread of Life and St. Benedict's in St. Vincent
September: Adequate clothing and supplies for the children we serve
October:     For missions and missioners throughout the Church
November:  The souls of the deceased members of the Blessed Nuno Society
December:  The children and staff at Our Lady Queen of Angels House, Mexico

* Chapter Respect Life Masses (January)
Chapter Masses for Members (April )
National Mass for deceased members (November)
Chapter Mass for priest and deacon members (July)
* Directors' Rosary for the orphans (May)
* Annual Dinner and Membership Meeting (November)

* Chapter Meetings (August)
* periodic chapter pilgrimages
               SOCIETY PRAYER

O God, Who enabled Saint Nuno to fight the good fight
and to win renown for his victory over self and the world,
grant the we, Your servants, may overcome the desire of earthly
pleasures and rejoice eternally in the heavenly homeland.

Through Christ Our Lord.  Amen

With Ecclesiastical Approval
+ Roger L. Schwietz, OMI
Bishop of Duluth
April 22, 1996
"It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you can
live as you wish."  
- Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Eating coconuts at Bread of Life
in St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Former Society President, Deacon Roger
Birkland  with some of the children at Casa
Pepito in Mexico
Father James Crossman breaking
ground at the site of the new
Mary Queen
of Angels House
shelter for children in
Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico.
Our former Executive Director, Tim Heinan,
assisted construction workers mix soil and ash
which was taken from the grave of  Blessed
Nuno in Lisbon, Portugal, and brought to
Prieta, Sonora, Mexico to be added into the
mortar used during the construction of Mary
Queen of Angels orphanage
The Blessed Nuno Society serves orphaned,
homeless, and abandoned children without
regard to creed, race, color, or gender.  Your
prayers, membership, and contributions help
us break the cycle of poverty.
Carmelite Prayer

Lord God,

you called Blessed Nuno Alvarez Pereira

to put aside his sword and follow Christ

under the Patronage of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Through his prayers may we too deny ourselves,

and devote ourselves to you with all our hearts.

We ask this through Christ, Our Lord.

From the “Carmelite Proper of the Liturgy of the Hours,”
One of our Tucson members showed us this
"Litany of Remembrance" by Joyce Rupp, OSM.
It is so fitting that we want to share it with you

I remember the children of the world. As Jesus
called to the children to come to him, so I
gather in prayer the children of my world who
are hurting.  I embrace them with loving
kindness and with a desire to mend the
systems that bring such pain to their young
lives.  I remember the children:

...who will go hungry today,
...whose parents are on drugs,
...who have no one to teach them to read,
...who are handicapped and unattended,
...who do not know love,
...who live in filth and degradation,
,,,who have no friends,
...who are not listened to,
...who have never been sung to or read to or
taken by the hand or experienced earth's
mystery and beauty,
...who do not have anyone to tuck them into bed
at night,
...who are shunned or mistreated because of
their color, their religion, or the place where
they live,
...who haveno awareness of their inner
...who have stopped believing in love,
...who are filled with anger and hate,
...who are receiving a poor education,
...who are ill or in pain,
...who are grieving the death of a loved one
...who are suffering from AIDS or drug-related
...who feel lonely, desolate, and unloved,
...who are filled with fear for their lives,
...who hear only harsh words and hostile
...who have been bruised, beaten, and mutilated,
...who are victims of incest, rape, and
...who hide in fear from the sounds of war,
...who are ill and have no medical attention.
Yes, I pray for the children of my world today
and I pray for each man and woman of this
world, including myself, that we will do our
part to create better living conditions for these
children.  Show us the way and prod us into
action.  God of justice and compassion!