Nuno's miracle

​A Portuguese woman who often cooked and cleaned for Blessed Nuno Society members when they visited Fatima was cooking when boiling oil splashed in her eye.  She was rushed to a hospital but the doctors said that she would be permanently blind in her left eye.  The woman asked her parish priest to lead her and her family in a novena to Blessed Nuno.  She wanted to continue to pray at home in the evening but was unable to read the prayers, so she simply kissed the statue of Blessed Nuno and touched it to her eye.  As she described it, peace overcame her and vision in her left eye was restored.  She had experienced an instantaneous and medically inexplicable miracle!

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Patron Saint

St. Nuno Alvarez Pereira was born in Portugal in 1360.  He was a great knight and became known as the champion of Portuguese independence.  In 1423 he set aside his military career, gave away his vast wealth to veterans, the poor, and orphans, and joined the Carmelite Order taking the name Nuno of St. Mary.  He lived there until his death in 1431.  He was noted for his prayer, his love for the poor, and his devotion to Mary, the Mother of God.  He was beatified in 1918.  In 2009 Pope Benedict, having recognized the miraculous cure of a blind woman by Nuno's intercession, declared him a saint.  His feast day is celebrated on November 6.